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Summary - Arrival of the Portuguese Royal Family to Brazil in 1808

Summary - Arrival of the Portuguese Royal Family to Brazil in 1808

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The Royal Family in Brazil

- Napoleon invades Portugal and forces the Portuguese court to come to Brazil
- Portuguese court arrives in Brazil in 1808 (settles in Rio de Janeiro)
- The Opening of Ports the friendly nations: England
- Accomplishments of D. João: creation of Banco do Brasil, Botanical Garden, Royal Theater, Royal Press, Medical School

The Brazilian Independence Process

- Portuguese demand the return of the royal family
- Pedro stays in Brazil as Prince Regent
- Portugal wants to recolonize Brazil
- Day of the Fico (January 9, 1822)

Independence of Brazil (1822)

-with the support of the elite, Pedro declares Brazil independent (September 7, 1822)
- Few changes after Independence: slavery / monarchy / people remain not participating
- support from England

The Constitution of Cassava (1824)

- census vote (by rent)
- Moderating power of the Emperor (absolutist)

Conflicts in the Empire

- Confederation of Ecuador (Separatist Movement in EP)
- defeat in the Cisplatina War (Brazil loses the region of present Uruguay)
- Press attacks on Emperor D. Pedro I
- people's discontent
- abdication of D. Pedro I in 1831