Relief of Northern Brazil

Relief of Northern Brazil

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In the Northern Region, three areas of relief prevail:

  • Amazon plain, which follows the great river basin, with altitudes ranging from 100 to 200 meters above sea level.

Amazon plain

  • Highlands Region, between 200 and 800 meters in plateaus and mountain ranges, including the Carajás mountain range, the Pelada mountain range, the Tumucumaque mountain range, the Acarai mountain range and the Cachimbo mountain range in the state of Pará; the Serra Dourada, the Chapada das Mangabeiras, in Tocantins and the Chapada dos Parecis in Rondônia.

Serra do Cachimbo - Highlands Region

  • Regions of higher altitudes, over 800 meters, including the Parima and Pacaraima Mountains, in the state of Roraima, on the Venezuelan border, and the Imeri Mountains, in the state of Amazonas, where Pico da Neblina is located and the peak of May 31. .

Serra do Imeri - Regions with higher altitudes


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