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It is the second largest state in Brazil, behind only the Amazon. It is located in the center of the North region, with Suriname and Amapá in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the northeast, Maranhão in the east, Tocantins in the south east, Mato Grosso in the south and Amazonas in the west and Roraima and Guyana in the northwest. .

Pará began to be colonized by the Portuguese in 1616. From the Fort of Nativity, in the bay of Guajará, in front of the island of Marajó, is born the city of Belém, present state capital.

The economy is based on mining and agribusiness, with the main export products being aluminum and iron ore. The state also leads the extraction of wood and palm in the country. In addition, with the recent expansion of demand for soybean cultivation throughout the national territory, the southwestern region of Pará has become a new area for the proliferation of this activity along the Santarém-Cuiabá highway (BR-163).

Coat of arms
Hail, O land of rich forests… +
Total area
1,247,689.515 km²
8 513 497 hab


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